Legal advice

Costa Azahar Best Homes is partner of a law firm to meet all your needs in order to ensure the client that he/she will be taken care of by professionals members with years of expertise in the practice of law and tax advice, and with a commitment to provide a management service and comprehensive advice to companies, individual entrepreneurs, professionals and privates.



Our values

  1. Confidentiality
  2. Clarity
  3. Professionalis
  4. Quality
  5. Comprehensive advice on legal, tax and accounting.

In case you need legal advice our legal department has the means and professionals to help you with prudence and confidence, looking for the appropiate judicial or extrajudicial solution to your problem within an office whose foundations are the expertise and personal treatment.

Each client is different and so are their needs. We have different ways of collaboration, to suit your needs with a competitive rate.

With our services you will enjoy the peace of knowing you are being well advised on fiscal issues, besides having a properly registered accounting according to the Commercial Code and

other accounting standards.